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Batdorf coat of arms corrected
                and resized 11/7/2002
Batdorf Coat-of-Arms
modified and hand colored
by Brian Bottorff

Town crest of Bottorf, Germany
Provided by Paul Bottorff

The Bottorff Family Association has its annual reunion the 4th Sunday of June at the Ladies Union Club on Charlestown Pike in Prather, Utica, Clark Co., Indiana.  The 2019 date is June 23.
Potluck lunch is at 1:00 followed by a short business meeting.  All Bottorff relatives are encouraged to attend.  From Charlestown, IN drive 4 miles southwest on Indiana Hwy 62, then bear right on Charlestown Pike.  From Jeffersonville, IN drive northeast about 7 miles on Indiana Hwy 62 (3 miles past I-265) then make an acute left on Charlestown Pike.  MAP (You may need to click again if Google asks you if you mean Prather, Utica, Clark.)  The Ladies Union Club is on the left in about 1/2 mile. 

The last Iowa Bottorff Reunion I know of was June 9, 2013, at the Fairview Lodge on Grant Street near the Carousel, in Story City, IA.  Story City is 10 miles north of Ames on Interstate 35. The Reunion starts at noon, and is a potluck dinner which requires a serious nap before driving back home afterwards.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Admission is free, and newcomers aren't expected to bring any food, just dining tools. Anyone with info on the Iowa reunions please contact webmaster.

The Batdorf Family History by Virginia Batdorf has been reprinted in paperback.  It is available from Masthof Book Store, 219 Mill Rd., Morgantown, PA 19543-9516 phone 610-286-0258 or at their web site at  Cost is $21.50 including shipping (book = 18.00 + 3.50 shipping). PA residents please add sales tax.

Some family recipes and photos:
Bottorff family members are invited to post their website URLs and e-mail addresses here.  Please contact the webmaster at e-mail addresses.  Just send me your permanent e-mail mailbox address and your first and second choices for your name.  I will set up an e-mail forwarding account at that will send your e-mail to your permanent mailbox. 

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Spelling variations: Originally Batdorf, Badtorff and Badtorffin in Germany, over the years in America the family name has changed to Badorf, Badorff, Badtorf, Badtorff, Badtorffin, Baddorf, Badtorff, Badtorfin, Batdord, Batdorf, Batdorff, Battdorff, Battorf, Battorff, Botdorf, Boterf, Botorff, Bottorff, Bottoroff, Bottroff, Butdorf, Buttorf, Buttorff, Patturf, Paturf, Potterf, Potter, Pottorf, Pottorff, Potturff

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