Bottorff Family E-mail Addresses
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There are at least 165 Bottorffs and 75 Batdorfs with e-mail addresses.
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Some Batdorf/Bottorffs I correspond with:

Brian Bottorff
Carlene Bottorff
Carrie-Lou Bottorff Gray, University Park, CA, 
Charles Baddorf,
Cindy Holsapple-Boone, Davidsonville MD
David Bottorff, Chigago,
Dean Bottorff, webmaster of,
Douglass Holmes, President of the Bottorff Family Association,
Jay Bottorff,
Jim Bottorff, Mansfield, OH,
John Bottorff,
Judy Bottorff Wampler, English, IN,
Julie Ann Bottorff Wharram, Morton, Illinois
Kevin Bottorff, Ellsworth, IA ,
Kitty Bottorff Parrott Forsythe, Corydon, IN,
Kyle Bottorff, Newark, DE,
Lois Bottorff Pearson
Martha Jane Holmes, West Lafayette, IN ,
Nora Egan, Charlestown, IN ,
Rick Bottorff
Susan Bottorff,
Tim Martin, Charlotte, NC
Tracy Monroe,

Linda Miller holds a Bottorff family reunion in Arkansas
Cindy Holsapple-Boone, Davidsonville MD hosts the Bottorff site at
The Bottorff mailing list is
The Batdorf mailing list is

Webmaster: Steve Bottorff, South Euclid, OH ,

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