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NEW: Bottorff and related Family Bible Scans
This feature is still under construction. If you follow the tree structure you can access all the scans. Use Back or Parent Directory to go up a level. Eventually we hope to have links to every scan in one place, and transcriptions of the hard to read pages.

A great family history is online at

There are many resources available on the WWW, for example:

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Eric Bocher has some information on the Jonathan Bottorff family at
Tutorial - RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees
Bottorff Site
Batdorf Site

Here is one great site

If your relative had a military background, try

For more sites, search on Google or a meta search engine such as
When searching, try these spelling variations:

Badorf, Badorff, Badtorf, Badtorff, Badtorffin, Baddorf, Badtorff, Badtorfin, Batdord, Batdorf, Batdorff, Battdorff, Battorf, Battorff, Botdorf, Boterf, Botorff, Bottorff, Bottoroff, Bottroff, Butdorf, Buttorf, Buttorff, Patturf, Paturf, Potterf, Potter, Pottorf, Pottorff, Potturff   

Updated May 31, 2017